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Selbstlaut shared Mistah Mirac's post.2018/04/27 @ 15:16
I contributed a few words for this wonderful release! The result is absolutely beautiful! I am very grateful for this experience! Check it out!
Selbstlaut shared Animals in Random Places's post.2018/03/21 @ 22:43
Selbstlaut2018/03/08 @ 3:33
At the very least it is some affirmation that your music has some impact, when the person selling you a hot dog at 03.30 am asks you how your new record is coming along
Selbstlaut shared Ignacio Perini - Spoken Word's post.2018/03/07 @ 2:52
A spoken word poet from Argentina is currently on tour in Europe, and his goal is to record a poem from contemporary poets everywhere he goes and I have the great honour of being the first poet recorded in his collection!
Ignacio Perini - Spoken Word
Ok, so this is another of my tour projects and one that I'm very proud of. The idea is to record a poem from a local poet in every city I visit, so by the end of November we should have a pretty cool playlist of european contemporary poetry. This first edition comes directly from Vienna with Christopher Hütmannsberger, who made it through the snow and delivered us his Rain. Thank you so much, Chris!
Selbstlaut2018/01/30 @ 20:10
Awww! A few of my homies in Berlin made something beautiful! Check it out!
Kobito - Jeder Tag ist neu (Official Video)
Aufbau, Zusammenbruch, Tabula Rasa und Neuanfang - passiert, nicht weiter tragisch. "Jeder Tag ist neu" ist die Formel für ein ruhiges Händchen im Leben, ein...
Selbstlaut2018/01/04 @ 9:06
This is such an important song!
Chris Orrick - Your Ambition (feat. P.O.S) | Official Video
Detroit musician Chris Orrick retires the moniker Red Pill and takes dead aim at Trump era ambition built on lies and self-agrandizement. A needed reminder t...
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2018/05/26 @ 6:47
@das_olemop punk, but with beer!
2018/05/25 @ 19:38
beer just tastes better with pubk music
2018/05/23 @ 23:36
@yasmo_mc Die fucking soundcarte stürzt ab! so ein arschloch!
2018/05/22 @ 0:33
"Sind wir uns mal ehrlich, die Ramones sind doch nur die Beachboys in schnell" Berni Verklag mich doch Wagner
2018/05/20 @ 20:14
ich liebe dinge ohne kontext! "...und dann verpisst er sich, und alle habn geweint..." er ist halt offensichtlich ein gschissener mensch...